Due to COVID-19 the Government requires all estqablishments to adhere to the following Safety Regulations. These reulations (where applicable to Jack Hatfields Sports Club) are there for the STAFF and YOUR Safety. Club Memebers if wishing to visit Jack Hatfields MUST read the information below.

The Club is only open to PAID UP Members. We will NOT be taking overdue subscriptions or taking any New Members at this present time.

Our Regulations are in line with the Government’s Guidance to ensure the Safety of our Staff, Volunteers, and Members as far as possible can, hoiwever, MEMBERS ENTER THE CLUB AT THEIR OWN RISK.

  • Members MUST abide by these Rules, or they will be asked to leave and may be barred.
  • Any abuse of staff or volunteers will NOT be tolerated and may result in barring. We remind members that the Clubs Policy is to bar for life.
  • Please queue outside (regardless of the weather), keeping 2m (two metres) distance
  • On entry to the Club, go to the sanitising station and sanitise your hands
  • Then go to the Doorman. They will check if you are a FULLY PAID UP MEMBER
  • You will need to print your name, house number, Post Code, Telephone number, the time you arrival.  ON departing the Club for the night, you will need to see the Doorman to complete your time of Departure.  This is a LEGAL requirement to assist in the Tracking & Tracing if necessary.  You will need to sign this declaration every time you visit the Club to agree that you will abide by them.
  • You will be asked which room you will be using for the night (the bar, Middle Room or Lounge).  You CANNOT move from room to room or from table to table within the room.
  • Sanitising stations are in the Foyer and at every doorway and you should sanitise your hands every time you Enter and Leave the room, AND each time you leave the Club
  • Toilets will be cleaned and sanitised every hour.  After use of the toilet facilities you MUST flush it and wash your hands for AT LEAST 20 seconds
  • The Air conditioning IS TURNED OFF and INDIVIDUAL fans are NOT permitted.
  • No more than 2 people should be stood at the bar at any one time. Tables etc. will be sanitised after use and the bar will be sanitised regularly.
  • Please try to touch as few surfaces as possible.
  • You may wish to wear Face Masks or any other Person Protection you may have.

These Regulations may change as the Government Guidelines changes, so you MUST read the sheet each time you come to into the Club.