Re-Opening on Saturday 25th July 2020

Covid-19  Advice for people using Jack Hatfield Fitness Center

Please read the Fitness Room Covid-19 Guidance Tab for details.

These must be adhered to to ensure not only your safety, but also other uses safety.

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The Fitness Centre is now an integral part of Jack Hatfield Sports Club, and Fitness Centre users must be a current member of Jack Hatfield Sports Club, before applying to become a member of the Fitness Centre. There are changing and shower facilities provided for both genders.  There is a returnable £1.00 (coin) fee for the use of a locker.  Although the fitness room is managed on a purely voluntary basis, the membership fee is used to maintain the equipment and help contribute to the general funds of the club.
The fee is assessed on a 12 months basis, and this period covers from 1st February to 31st January of each year, and the fees diminish pro rata, throughout the year.  In short, the fee is indicative of the months remaining before the next financial year. An example is shown bellow of how this is worked out :-
12 month Fee  –  £108 (commencing February)
11 months Fee – £99
10 months Fee – £90
This is reduced each month until the new financial year starts again.
The fitness room provides a friendly, supportive environment in order to involve oneself in a new fitness regime and welcomes both male and female members.  Although ‘Personal’ fitness sessions are not provided, the room boasts two accredited fitness instructors, who are available to provide induction sessions and advice and guidance on training programmes / methods.
The facilities within the room consist of a variety of good quality cardio vascular and strength stations, some of which are ‘Cable Resistant’ and some which are ‘Free Weight’.

          Opening Times

                                                           Monday to Thursday     –  5pm  until  10:00pm

                                                           Friday to Sunday              –  12:00 noon until 10:00pm

                                                           Sunday                                   –  11am until 10pm