Compliance Regulations for using the Fitness Room (Gym)

Club Requirements when using the Fitness Room

  • The Fitness Room is only open to fully paid-up members. We will not be taking any new members at the present time.
  • Our regulations for the use of the Fitness Room are in line with Government guidance to ensure the safety of our staff, volunteers and members as far as we possibly can.
  • However, members enter the club and Fitness Room at their own risk.These regulations may change as Government guidelines change, so you must read this sheet each time you come into the club.
  • Members MUST abide by these rules or they will be asked to leave and may be barred. Any abuse of staff or volunteers will not be tolerated and may result in barring. We remind members that the club’s policy is to bar for life.
  • On entry to the club, go to the sanitising station and sanitise your hands.
  • Then go to the doorman. They will check if you are a fully paid-up member.
  • You will be asked which room you will be using i.e. the Fitness Room.
  • You CANNOT move from room to room.
  • You will need to print your name, house number, postcode, telephone number and the time of your arrival on the signing sheet for the Fitness Room.
  • You will also be asked to sign that you have read & understood the regulations and agree to abide by them.
  • On finishing your time in the Fitness Center, you will need to see the doorman to complete your time of departure. This is a legal requirement to assist in track & trace is necessary.
  • Sanitising stations are in the foyer and at every doorway and you should sanitise your hands as you enter the club & each time you leave or enter a room.
  • Toilets will be cleaned and sanitised every hour.
  • After use you must flush it and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

Fitness Room Requirements

  • You will NOT be allowed to use the Changing rooms or the Showers, so you must arrive in your gym kit, ready to train and return home to shower and change.
  • The Fitness Room has been set out so that you can use each machine as long as there is no body using the machine to either side of you.
  • We have removed or taped off a couple of machines to maximise our Fitness Room space.
  • However, some common sense and self-organisation may be necessary.
  • The Air Conditioning is turned off, and must remain off.
  • The WINDOWS AND DOORS MUST be open whilst you are in the Fitness Room.
  • Please try to touch as few surfaces as possible. This will reduce possible contamination.
  • Sanitiser and Blue paper rolls are provided for you to use to clean the machines when starting / finishing a session on a piece of equipment. Please put used paper in the bin provided.
  • When you have used a machine it will be your responsibility to clean and sanitise that machine before you move on to your next machine.
  • You may if you wish wear a face mask or any other personal protection you have.

The alternative to this is using a booking system which we don’t want if at all possible.